Yodlee – Keeping track your net worth (and passwords)

Now that I have a rough goal to achieve of $1,500,000, I need a way to chart my progress. My favorite tool for this is Yodlee OnCenter. It is a site that aggregates all of your logins and passwords for different accounts, such as bank accounts, brokerage, 401ks, loans, and credit cards. It even keeps up with all your frequent flyer miles and various other points. It can tally up all your assets, subtract all your liablities, and show you your net worth on a daily basis. Try it out, it’s well organized, free, and I use it every day!

Alternatives to Yodlee include Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken, but those cost money, and Yodlee is free and you can log in anywhere. Also, for some reason Bank of America charges to sync with Quicken, so I dropped it after a short trial. For the rightfully paranoid, Yodlee is probably a target for hackers trying to get at all those passwords. But since I log in just about every day to keep track of my many accounts, any sort of unauthorized withdrawal will be noticed immediately. And I figure it’s just as likely that someone will hack into my bank’s website as Yodlee’s, so at least this way I can nip it in the bud.

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