Weekend Links: Relocating, Resumes, MBAs, and More

Either by coincidence or due to my subconscious, most of these links have to do with careers and jobs:

SVB at TheDigeratiLife explores the true costs of relocating. Most people move for jobs, but we moved for family first, and found jobs second. Not everyone can make such priorities work in real life, but with a combination of luck and hard work we were able to make it happen. I had written that our jobs had covered an increase in cost of living, but that was wrong. If you count in the higher cost of real estate, we would have definitely been better off financially by staying in Oregon.

Lily of TheHonestDollar isn’t sold on video resumes. I definitely don’t want to do that, text resumes are already hard enough. I like in-person interviews as they provide two-way communication.

Patrick at CashMoneyLife continues his series on applying for an MBA. Right now, all my friends seem to be either getting MBAs or law degrees. Did I miss a memo?

FiveCentNickel observes that beer prices are rising. I was just thinking today that grocery prices seem to be increasing a lot faster than the government inflation numbers that I read about. Even when buying less-processed items like herbs, vegetables, and raw meat for dinner, I was paying $15 for all the ingredients, which is almost as much as just going out to eat!

Mrs. Micah talks about becoming a Certified Financial Planner. I have done some superficial research into that career path. The thing is, I wouldn’t want to work on a commission basis when being in charge of other peoples’ financial well-being. However, it is very, very difficult to start out in this field as a fee-only planner. You have to respect those who go down that path – they could probably earn more money otherwise. I wouldn’t mind learning the material taught in the CFP courses, however.

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