The Best Time To Buy Everything

Here are two different viewpoints on ‘The best time to buy everything’, one from SmartMoney and the other from CNN Money. Some excerpts are below, see the articles for more.

Airline tickets
SmartMoney and CNN agree: Buy on a Wednesday, about 21 days (or just a couple of days earlier) before your flight. This is when airlines release their available seats for the upcoming weekend and the weekend after.

SmartMoney: Six to 12 months after a particular model is launched.
CNN: While the blowout sales on electronics tend to cluster around the holidays, even cheaper deals on TVs can be found in the spring beginning in April, after the end of the fiscal year in Japan.

SmartMoney: Weekday mornings in September.
CNN: It’s still true that good deals can be found in late summer/early fall, when carmakers release new models and dealers want to get rid of last year’s leftovers. But a good price may also be wrangled at the end of every month, with dealers wanted to make quotas.

Other topics include Broadway tickets, baby clothes, clothing, video games, and toys.

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