Panera Bread: Unlimited Hot or Iced Coffee for $8.99 Per Month

Panera Bread has rolled out their MyPanera Coffee subscription nationwide, which includes unlimited coffee for $8.99 per month. Here are the details:

  • Valid for any size cup of light roast, dark roast, hazelnut, decaf, iced coffee, or hot tea.
  • Get one cup up to every two hours, with free unlimited refills of the same beverage in-store.
  • Excludes cold brew, espresso drinks, and iced tea.
  • One subscription per person.

This works out to about 30 cents per cup if you got one per day. Panera has admitted that this is a loss leader and they hope you also buy a breakfast sandwich, muffin, etc. while you are there. If I had a Panera that was conveniently located to work or home, I would be all over this deal. (If only they had this when I was in college…) What do you think?

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