October 2006 Investment Portfolio Snapshot

Here is another snapshot of my retirement portfolio as of market close 10/7. As indicated in my previous snapshot, I simultaneously sold ~$10,000 of iShares S&P 500 Index ETF (IVV) and contributed $10,000 to my Solo 401k, which I used to buy Fidelity Total Stock Market Index Fund (FSTMX).

Retirement Portfolio
FSTMX – Fidelity Total Stock Market Index Fund$10,33815%
VIVAX – Vanguard [Large-Cap] Value Index$12,87519%
VISVX – V. Small-Cap Value Index$12,81319%
VGSIX – V. REIT Index$8,23712%
VTRIX – V. International Value$7,20011%
VEIEX – V. Emerging Markets Stock Index$6,59610%
VFICX – V. Int-Term Investment-Grade Bond$7,46711%
BRSIX – Bridgeway Ultra-Small Market$1,9303%
Cash – Unreinvested Dividends$9
September Fund Transactions
Sold 76 Shares of IVV @ $130.90 = $9,948.09
Bought 274.952 shares of FSTMX @ $36.37 = $10,000

Current Asset Allocation per Morningstar X-Ray:

Current overall annual expense ratio: 0.26%

My shift of taxable funds into my 401k takes away some possible accessible money towards a house downpayment, but I feel that we will still have enough anyways and I’d rather take the tax savings now. I had to buy a slightly different index to avoid wash-sale rules, so it also changes my asset allocation mix a bit, which I haven’t had time to analyze in detail.

Asset allocation has also tilted toward domestic stocks and away from bonds… may want to rebalance soon.

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