High-Yield Savings Accounts & Money Market Account Rates

Opening an online savings account is a great way to earn some extra money on your cash. Most of these accounts are designed to “piggy-back” onto your existing checking accounts through quick and easy online funds transfers. Chances are your current checking account pays next to zero interest. Here are some current top rates, curated to include established FDIC-insured banks with a reliable history of competitive rates.

Capital One Money Market

  • Summary: The Capital One Money Market account pays 2.00% APY on balances of $10,000 or more, with no monthly maintenance fees and just a $1 minimum deposit.  Balances of less than $10,000 will earn 0.85% APY.
  • Capital One bank has the DNA from the very first high-yield online savings account providers.

Marcus Bank (Goldman Sachs)

  • Summary: Marcus by Goldman Sachs sports a 2.15% APY with no monthly maintenance fees and just a $1 minimum deposit.
  • Marcus is a new initiative by Goldman Sachs to get into debt consolidation and personal loans. Their banking arm serves as a source of funds, so hopefully they’ll keep their rates high and competitive.

Ally Bank

  • Summary: Ally Bank currently yields 2.10% APY with no monthly maintenance fees or deposit minimums.
  • Ally Bank also offers a wide variety of products including a checking account, High-Yield CDs, Raise Your Rate CD, and a No Penalty CD.

Discover Bank Savings

  • Summary: The Discover Online Savings Account pays 2.00% APY with a $500 minimum balance to earn interest. No minimum balance fees.
  • You may know Discover for their line of credit cards, but they opened up a bank as a source of funds to lend out.

American Express Bank

  • Summary: American Express Personal Savings is now at 2.10% APY.  
  • American Express is another card issuer that started up a bank as a source of funds to lend out a those higher credit card rates.

CIT Savings Builder

  • Summary: CIT Bank is offering 2.30% APY on all accounts with a $100 minimum opening deposit and a $100 monthly deposit (can be set automatically).
  • CIT Bank focuses on savings deposit products, including No Penalty CDs, Ramp Up CDs, and Term CDs with competitive rates.

These high-interest savings account rates are current as of August 2019.

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