Got My First Client: I’m a Freelancer!

I was catching up with an old friend (being the holidays and all) who owns a small business, and he mentioned that he needed some website help. Nothing big, just registering a domain or two and putting up some basic websites. I told him I was looking for some extra work, and he told me he’d send me a list of what he needed. I got it, made sure I knew how to do those things, wrote up a proposal for the project. He accepted. I had a hard time figuring out how much to charge and estimating how much time I’d need to spend on it. (How do you figure out how much to charge?) I probably lowballed myself, but we’ll see. At least now I’ll have a reference and some portfolio stuff for later. Not to mention a few hundred more bucks =) Not looking forward to paying self-employment tax though.

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