December 2004 Financial Status

Ok, my planned “grand opening” for this site is January 1, 2005, since 1/1/05 looked like a nice number, and I just don’t have time to make things nice-lookin’ right now.

But I did want to make a quick snapshot of my current status for historical purposes:

Assets: *= pre-tax
Cash Savings: $54,983
Brokerage (non-retirement) $ 7,808
Roth IRA: $ 2,001
Traditional IRA*: $ 5,383
401k*: $11,000
529: $ 1,097
Total: $82,272

Credit Cards: $26,522

Net Worth: $55,750

Don’t worry, most of my credit card debt is in 0% APR accounts, or I pay off the balance every month. More on that later…

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