Advertising on Moneys.Biz

Moneys.Biz accepts limited advertising, including contextual ads that may be related to my written content and selected referral/affiliate links to services that are of interest to me. Topics covered in this blog include personal finance, investing, banking, credit cards, insurance, real estate, and more. All advertisements are accepted at my personal discretion.

Image and Text Ads
I do not sell text links. Please contact me with a proposal for advertising as well as medium (flash, banner size). Distracting ads such as ads that blink, pop-ups, pop-unders, and in-text ads will not be accepted.

Affiliate Advertising
I accept affiliate relationships for advertising. However, I will only blog about it if has benefits to the reader. Other than that Skimlinks monetizes links for me naturally when I mention them. I don’t really know when that will happen.

Sponsored Posts and Reviews
My basic philosophy is that I don’t want to present things to my readers that I don’t think they will be interested in. So if you have a book, article, or product you want to promote, you are free to send me a sample or copy. If I think it’s applicable or useful, I will review it or blog about it. I will not accept money for positive reviews. I will always retain complete editorial control, so the review will mention both positives and negatives, as applicable.