A Few Updates About Banks and Interest Rates

Lots of e-mails coming in from banks today…

HSBC Direct drops from 5.05% to 4.50% APY. Yeesh… not a good sign for online savings accounts in general!

FNBO Direct announces that the new rate as of 1/13/13 is 0.85% APY. Ho-hum, about what I expected. They did also announce a 2% cash back credit card, but only for 12 months. Bye, FNBO, it was fun while it lasted. Currently, I am moving back to my local Washington Mutual checking/saving account. I’m undecided where to go next if I’m going to rate-chase.

Maybe one of these previously-discussed options, maybe Bank of Toledo, but that 10 debit card transaction requirement is a pain and I’m skeptical about how long the 6.01% will last.

Capital One 360 is still at 0.75% APY but is offering a $50 sign-up bonus, higher than the usual $25. Via reader Scott.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union is now offering 3, 4, and 5-year CDs at 6.0% APY. If you’re looking to lock up rates for this long (I’m not), these rates look pretty good. Early withdrawal penalty is 6-months of interest. Membership required, you can join the NMFA for $20 if you don’t qualify otherwise.

(Update) Emigrant Direct is now at 4.75% APY, down from 5.05%. Could have been worse, eh?

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